Law Offices of Andrew J. Carboy, LLC

Andrew J. Carboy Quotes and Appearances:

English Language Publications

National Law Journal: January 3, 2005. “Pro Bono Finds a New Edge: Pro Bono Winners of 2004”

New York Times: July 18, 2005. “Medical Claims from 9/11 Are Assigned to a Single Court”

New York Post: May 15, 2006. “9/11 Sucks 12 Years from Bravest Lungs”

Associated Press: October 17, 2006. “Judge Refuses to Grant Immunity from September 11th Lawsuits”

New York Post: January 29, 2007. “Kin Suing City over WTC Toxin Death”

New Jersey Law Journal: May 28, 2007. “Plaintiffs in Landfill Suit Need Not Prove Injuries Before Discovery”

New York Times: July 29, 2007. “Decades after a Plant Closes, Waste Remains”

New York Times: April 30, 2008. “In Appeal, Port Authority is Held Liable in ’93 Trade Center Attack”

Associated Press: February 20, 2010. “Judge Sets Stage for Trials Over 9/11 Illnesses”

New York Daily News: February 28, 2010. “A 9/11 Smoking Gun? As Cases Go to Trial, Respirator Rule is Revealed”

The Chief: March 12, 2010. “Charge Negligence by City in Equipping Responders at WTC”

Associated Press: March 11, 2010. “Deal Could Pay $657 Million to Sickened WTC Responders”

The Star-Ledger: March 12, 2010. “City Settles with WTC Rescue Workers”

New York Times: April 8, 2010. “Lung Function of Ground Zero Rescuers Fell, Study Finds”

Crain’s New York Business: November 7, 2010. “Clock Ticking on $713 Million Deal Between WTC Workers and City”

Associated Press: December 23, 2010. “9/11 responders’ $4.2B aid package called Miracle”

New York Law Journal: February 6, 2013. “Families Plan to Sue LIPA for Fire During Sandy”

Long Island Newsday: July 3, 2013. “LIPA, National Grid Sued by Breezy Point Residents Over Sandy-Burned Homes”

Long Island Newsday: September 9, 2013. “25,000 Register for September 11th Victim Compensation Fund”

The Chief: September 26, 2013. “Deadline Nearing for 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund”

Spanish Language Publications

Dialogando: Diciembre 2006. “Accidentes De Trabajo: Compensaciones y Demandas” (Autor)

Dialogando: Febrero 2007. “Amor, Matrimonio y Residencia Permanente” (Autor)

Dialogando: Abril 2007. “La Corte De Nueva York Protégé Los Derechos De Los Trabajadores Indocumentados” (Autor)

Television Appearances:

Commentary/Interviews for television networks including CBS Evening News, Fox 5, Fox Business Channel, Telemundo, and Univision.

Lectures Delivered by Andrew J. Carboy:

May 2013: New York State Trial Lawyers Association, New York, New York: “Perspectives on Practicing Law”

October 2011: American Bar Association Wilmington, Delaware: Chemical and Industrial Products Continuing Legal Education Workshop: “Litigating Mass Tort and Product Liability Chemical Cases-Shape Your Case Before Someone Else Does”

April 2011: State University of New York at Stony Brook Medical School: “Medical and Legal Issues Arising from the 2001 World Trade Center Disaster”

May 2009: Harris Martin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Emerging Issues in Lead Paint Litigation”

April 2008: Lexis-Nexis, Las Vegas, Nevada: “Lead Hazards in Imported Goods: Suing Chinese Concerns in U.S. Courts”

April 2007: Rutgers University, New Jersey: “Role of Lawsuits in Addressing Shortcomings in Government Regulation”

March 2007: American Bar Association Tort & Insurance Practice Section, Scottsdale, Arizona: “World Trade Center Litigation”

October 2007: Lexis-Nexis, “Crossing Borders in Lead Paint Litigation”

March 2006: Mealey’s Publications, Miami, Florida: “Price-Anderson Act and the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act”